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Turret Tile®

MCA has earned a global reputation as the leading innovator in Turret Tile® design and manufacturing. With a truly unique turret system, there is no need for roofing contractors to cut clay roof tiles to fit the shape of a conical roof. True turret roof designs or fan shaped applications are now possible without compromise to design concepts. Eliminating unnecessary extra labor, MCA customizes the tiles for every job, with larger tiles at the bottom, medium in the center, and small, tapered tiles at the top. Enhanced by computer design, the exact number of each size is precisely calculated to fit a turret roof of any size based on roof plans or roofer’s submitted measurements.

Turret Tile® is available in Natural Red, flashed, and standard blends. Custom colors and custom blends are also available.

Turret Tile® is pre-cut decorative roof tile and requires a watertight membrane.

How to Receive an Estimate for
MCA Turret Tile®:
Simply send MCA a scaled roof drawing or the following information:
• Roof Pitch
• Diameter of Turret Roof
• Angle in Degrees of Turret (example 360° or 180°)

We will provide your cost to an MCA Authorized Distributor in your area.

Turret Clay Roof Tile Specification

Download Turret Clay Roof Tile Installation Specification

Open ARCAT Specwizard page Open ARCAT BIM Objects page

TRI Installation Manual

Download TRI Clay Roof Tile Installation Manual

TRI Cold and Snow Installation Manual

Download TRI Cold and Snow Installation Manual - Tile Roofing Institute

Download MCA Clay Roof Tile Turret Installation Guide

Open build a turret page

CC/Codes, Certifications

  • IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Report No. 0356 (covers City of Los Angeles and is in lieu of ICC-ES)
  • Class A, E108 (UL790)
  • ASTM C1167, Grade 1

Click on the following links to view reports in PDF format:

IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Report No. 0356

SDS Safety Data

Download MCA Clay Roof Tile 50 year warranty sample