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Dome Tile is MCA’s latest innovation. Nine different sizes of the “Fish Scale” tile are precisely calculated to fit the dome height and circumference. As the circumference of the dome decreases upward, the size of the tiles change to accommodate the variations and achieve a proper fit to the dome surface.*

The clay tile Dome Roof on the Wedding Rotunda at The Resort at Pelican Hill, Newport Coast, CA, has a dome base of 19’5″ and dome height, excluding ornament, of 9’8″. Approximately 4,000 pieces of Dome Tile were used in its construction.

MCA also created the 2″ x 2″ Metope Tile that can be seen just below the base of the dome.

*This tile is strictly decorative, and a watertight membrane and nailable roof deck surface are required.

For information on Dome Tile construction and installation, please contact MCA Sales Office during the design stage of your project.

*Dimension of the head of the tile.Metric conversion of lumber is actual dimensions of lumber; use lumber of the closest dimensions available.

TRI Installation Manual

TRI Cold and Snow Installation Manual

TRI Cold and Snow Installation Manual - Tile Roofing Institute

CC/Codes, Certifications

  • Class A, E108 (UL790)
  • ASTM C1167, Grade 1

Click on the following links to view reports in PDF format:

SDS Safety Data