Polyset ® AH-160 2- Component Roof Tile Adhesive 2-Component Roof Tile Adhesive Polyset ® AH-160 is the professional roofer’s complete solution for concrete or clay roof tile attachment. 2-Component Roof Tile Adhesive Polyset ® AH-160 is a polyurethane adhesive that adheres each individual tile in place.

It can be used without mechanical fasteners so it won’t puncture the waterproofing membrane or roof deck. 2-Component Roof Tile Adhesive Polyset ® AH-160 has superior holding power compared to nails, screws, mortar and wire tie systems.

MCA Clay Roof Tile is the West Coast Master Distributor of ICP Polyset ® AH-160.

Qualified Applicators

Only trained applicators and crews should install a 2-Component Roof Tile Adhesive Polyset® AH-160 roof. Once a factory authorized training program is successfully completed, an applicator is awarded ‘Qualified Applicator’ status and issued an individual ID card.

For Qualified Applicator Training and Technical information, please contact us.


Polyset ® AH-160 will improve the following:

Energy efficiency

4.2 R Value

Reduces attic heat buildup

Virtually eliminates nail penetrations

Eliminates need for elevated or
counter battens

Increases wind resistance by 50-100%
compared to nails, screws, mortar,
counter/elevated batten or wire
tie systems

Minimizes tile installation damage
associated with mechanical fasteners

Superior hip and ridge attachments

Ideal for use on schools and other
essential facilities

Easy to repair

Cost Effective compared to wire tie
systems and counter/elevated
batten systems

Seismic Performance

Tested at up to six times the
design level with no signs
of failure

See Polyset AH-160 Adhesive
vs Wire Tie System Seismic Test
videos for more information

Polyset ® AH-160 Code Approvals

• ICC-ES Report ESR-1709
• DSA IR 15-2
• Class A Rated, ASTM E108
• TRI Approved
• Miami-Dade County NOA No.16-0315.01
• Florida Building Code
• Texas Dept. of Insurance Evaluation RC-22

Click on the following links to view reports in PDF format:

ICC-ES Report ESR-1709

Miami-Dade NOA-16-0315.01 AH-160

Miami-Dade NOA-16-0315.03 RTA-1

SDS Polyset AH-160 A-side Propack 100’s

SDS Polyset AH-160 B-side Propack 100’s

SDS Polyset RTA-1

TDI Approval Polyset AH-160 RC-22


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