Historical Reroof
Library at Alcatraz Receives Historically Accurate Replacement Tile
by Marcus Dodson, publisher


Replicating Historical Tile
Reroof at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California
by Marcus Dodson, publisher


An Architect’s Dream…
One-Stop Shopping for Clay Roof Tile in the West
by Claire P. Davidson, specifier


How to Win
How to Win Prevailing Wage Projects Using Clay Roof Tile

by Claire P Davidson, freelance construction writer

Historic Restorations
Renovation Projects Use Custom Clay Roof Tile to Replicate Original Material

by Marc Dodson

Challenge of the Dome
Contractor & Manufacturer Rise to the Challenge of the Clay Roof Tile Dome

by Lyla Lawry, marketing coordinator, MCA, & Marc Dodson, editor & publisher

The Clay Roof Tile Dome
Perfection at Pelican Hill in Southern California
by Lyla Lawry, marketing coordinator, MCA

Building Green
LEED Certification for Projects Featuring Clay Roof Tile

by Marc Dodson, contributing editor

High-Rise Tile
Clay Tile Project Towers Over the Streets of Houston, Texas

by Marc Dodson, editor

Simply Extraordinary
The Solution to the Turret Roof

by Lyla Lawry, marketing coordinator, MCA

Cool Elegance
Clay Tile Can Easily Meet Cool Roof Standards

by Lyla Lawry, Marketing Coordinator, MCA


Cool Clay Tile
Clay Tile Roof: Steeped in Tradition - Engineered for the Future

by Lyla Lawry, Marketing Coordinator, MCA


Old Tile Style
Century Old Look Sought for New Development in Southern, Calif.

by Heidi Ellsworth, Freelance Construction Writer


ClayTile in the West
New Methods of Design & Production are Making Clay Tile Available & Affordable
by Ricki Biane, MCA


Saving Energy
Energy Star Roofing Makes the Steep Slope Switch

by Heidi Ellsworth, HJE Marketing


The Turret King
Northern California Roofing Contractor
Makes His Mark With Clay Tile Turrets

by Marc Dodson, editor


Fashion Statement
Choices Abound for Clay Tile with New Designer Colors & Blends
by Marc Dodson, Editor


Turrets the Easy Way
Clay Tile Turrets are Beautiful, Impressive, and Now are Easier than Ever to Install
by Marc Dodson, Editor


Colors & Blends
New Fashion for Commercial Buildings:
Clay Tile

by Marc Dodson, Editor


Timeless Beauty
Glazed Roofing Tiles Offer Color Permanence, Durability & Resistance to Nature's Elements
by Richard Wasowski, Ferro Corporation