This article appeared in Architectural West May/June 2017

A Tile for the Times
Achieving Classic Looks with an Innovative Product
by Marc Dodson, associate editor

When a residential homeowner or commercial builder wants to ensure that their home or building incorporates a unique and distinctive design, they often turn to clay tile. Among other roofing materials available, clay tile is a great option for many homeowners and contractors because it provides variety when it comes to color, shape, profile, pattern, and cost. Clay tile is a legacy among historic roofing options, and the product dates back thousands of years. There is something to be said for a product that can stand the test of time and innovation.

MCA® Clay Roof Tile, Corona, California, is a leader in the clay roof tile production industry. They are known for their high quality products, which are made to stand up against the harshest elements, as well as their dedication to providing flexible options for historic reproductions and renovations. Their Classic “S” Mission tile is a popular choice among homeowners, contractors, and design professionals, for it rivals more costly options while still providing unparalleled beauty and reliability.

“As with any other industry innovation, like automobiles evolving into hybrid vehicles and cell phones becoming smartphones, the tile industry needs innovative products to reduce costs and meet the consumer’s needs,” says Yoshi Suzuki, president and CEO, MCA Roof Tile. “after the housing crisis of 2008, many projects stopped immediately as budgets went dry. We at MCA strove to improve the two-piece eave application to satisfy the need of a two-piece tile look within limited budgets. The Classic “S” Mission tile is the result. Consumers throughout the United States and overseas value the high-crown style that successfully creates the two-piece illusion, with or without the two-piece eave application. This, paired with many color and texture options, and the ability to incorporate MCA turret systems, allows for design and budget harmony.”

Chad Creeden, of Marco Roofing, Fremont, California, explains that his team does not complete as many two-piece application projects in recent years because of the high cost of labor associated with the process. Marco Roofing looks to MCA’s Classic “S” Mission tile not only to save money for their clients, but to also achieve the same look of two-piece tile, with a smaller price tag. On a recent residential project, Marco Roofing used MCA’s Classic “S” Mission tile to create Santa Barbara architectural style of white stucco and red terra cotta. “Not only was I able to save money, but MCA’s smaller tile gives the impression that the roof is larger,” says the homeowner. “Additionally, while many of the concrete roofs in my neighborhood are beginning to fade, these clay tiles won’t. I also don’t have to worry about breakage, because MCA produces strong, reliable tiles.”

On California’s Newport Coast, Joe DePinho, president of DePinho Roofing, relied on MCA’s Classic “S” Mission tile on his project for The New Home Company’s luxury community, Fiano at Pacific Ridge. These new homes needed a clay tile product that could withstand the Orange County, California, coastal environment while also coordinating with the look of the surrounding rustic canyon landscape and upholding the surrounding architectural stylings of Mediterranean, Provence, Santa Barbara, and Tuscan. “We had complete confidence that MCA would be able to supply their clay tile to meet the pace of production that this project is required. More importantly, too, that MCA would provide a quality product with consistent colors to meet the high standards necessary for the luxury profile job such that Fiano is,” says DePinho.

Bill Killian of Temecula, California, used MCA’s new clay tile option for his dream home, too. As an employee of a large national residential development company that specializes in providing affordable options for homeowners, he knows what it takes to provide an economical and reliable product. “The Classic ‘S’ Mission clay tile on my roof really makes my home pop,” he says. “And, it’s a much better product than other options out there for homebuilders.”

MCA’s Classic “S” Mission tile is available in natural red, as well as an array of other colors, blends, and textures, including sand cast. All of their color and texture options allow for homeowners and design professionals to create signature roofs for custom homes. In addition bro being a cost-effective option for a beautiful roof, many of the clay tile options offered by MCA are ENERGY STAR® and Cool Roof rated products that can qualify forLEED® points and save even more money and energy in the end.

Homeowners, contractors, and architects are certainly drawn to MCA’s Classic “S” Mission tile because it is economical, but they choose the clay tile because of its spectacular ability to achieve the look of two-piece tiles without compromising color, beauty, or strength.