Turret Tile

Turret Tile® is the latest innovation to hit the clay tile market. True turret roof designs or fan shaped applications are now possible without compromise to design concepts. M.C.A. has developed a system to custom fit any size and pitch of roof. M.C.A.'s Turret Tile® system has made this tile more affordable, easier to install, and offers a unique solution for your design.

Turret Tile® is available in Natural Red, Flashed Colors, and Blends. Custom colors and custom blends are also available.

As with all M.C.A. tiles, a 50-Year Limited Warranty is available.

Turret Tiles® are up to 8 - 10 different sizes of two piece mission tile ranging from 10" to 2" wide to fit the turret area. Each turret is custom designed by M.C.A.

To determine the quantity of the Turret Tile® needed, provide the following information to M.C.A.: (click here for worksheet)-Scale roof drawing of top and side view. Indicate diameter of circle, roofing pitch, and color of tile to be used on the main roof.

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Building a Turret is EASY!

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CSI 3-Part Installation Specifications | Technical Drawings | CAD-DWG Zip File