One Piece "S" Mission

Over 100 years of experience has allowed M.C.A. to produce a superior clay tile that will last for generations. Having only 75 pieces of tile per square, the One Piece “S” style is a tremendous labor savings product. It is used widely on residential, commercial, military and institutional buildings.

Combine these cost savings with the fantastic array of colors available and your choice is clear. Selection of our Natural Red (F40) terra cotta tiles, standard or custom colors, applied through modern ceramic techniques, using state of the art equipment, will please the most discerning designer.

Many of these colors and blends are Energy Star® and Cool Roof rated products that can qualify for LEED points and save the end user money and energy. A 50-Year Limited Warranty is available on all M.C.A. Tiles.

Actual Size: 19" X 14”
Exposed Size: 16" x 12" O.C.
Weight per square: 788 lbs.
Weight per piece: 10.5 lbs.
No. of pieces per square: 75 pcs

Actual Size: 482mm x 356mm
Exposed Size: 406mm x 305mm
Weight per square: 38 kg
Weight per piece: 4.8 kg
No. of pieces per M2: 8.073 pcs

CSI 3-Part Installation Specifications

Technical Drawings

Uniform Evaluation Report IAPMO ES 0356

Miami-Dade County Approval 12032032 Exp. 12/20/17

TDI Approval; RC-21

Note: All evaluation services moved from ICC-ES Report 2144 to IAPMO Evaluation Services (Uniform Evaluation Report IAPMO ES 0356).
Florida Building Code: Approved by IAPMO Evaluation Service