Oriental - Japanese Style

M.C.A.’s Oriental - Japanese tile is a unique, interlocking, high quality tile made in the Japanese tradition. This beautiful clay tile is available in grayish smoked, and various glazed colors and will keep its distinctive appearance while withstanding constant exposure to any weather condition.

Traditional designs, as in a Japanese style temple or teahouse, will feature ornaments in various shapes and sizes. The most traditional color used for a Japanese style teahouse or temple is the C09 Japanese Black. This color originated in China and was brought to Japan over 1400 years ago. Japanese Black, called “Ibushi” in Japan, is smoked and is a through body color.

Without the use of decorative ornaments, Oriental - Japanese Style tile is also suitable for western, contemporary designs. A 50-Year Limited Warranty is available on all M.C.A. Tiles.

Actual Size: 12" X 12”
Exposed Size: 10 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Weight per square: 864 lbs.
Weight per piece: 6 lbs.
No. of pieces per square: 144 pcs

Actual Size: 305mm x 305mm
Exposed Size: 266mm x 241mm
Weight per square: 54 kg
Weight per piece: 3.6 kg
No. of pieces per M2: 15.5 pcs


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Uniform Evaluation Report IAPMO ES 0356

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TDI Approval; RC-21

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